Stupidity of cricketmaniacs

This is with us Indians that we overdo the things and associate everything to our personal emotions. Sometimes, I feel irritated by the attitude of the cricket loving people towards cricket and cricketers. They see cricketers as gods and demons in the one go. Whenever they play well, they are raised to the sky as if they were infallible. Whenever they lapse, they leave no stone unturned to make life miserable for them. We start giving master tips as if those players had undergone apprenticeship of cricketingfrom us. We are so much Tendulkarised that we forget that he is only a player, and definitely a player with exceptional prowess, but certainly not infallible. In fact, like other games cricket is also a game and must be viewed only as a game. In this respect, our media are also not behind. I was shocked, when the other day I saw two cricket crazy fellows coming to blows because one was for Sehwag while the other was hellbent on making the former worship Tendulkar as his god. R–UBBISH.

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