Viru Vs Tendulkar

"I see my reflection in Viru", says Sachin

If century is to be the touchstone of greatness of a cricketer as a batsman, double and triple is the better touchstone.Going by this logic. Sehwag neither can be nor should be compared with Tendulkar.
In fact, Sehwag stands out as an utility player. Nodoubt Tendulkar is the doyen of personal achievement, but Sehwag is the designer of victory. Personal achievement can not be placed at the higher pedestal when it comes to the common goal. The worshipper of Tendulkar may feel it difficult and irksome to digest but truth remains truth which is that Sehwag is unique batsman and even better than Tendulkar.
Even if we compare thew attitudes of the two cricketers, Sehwag seems to be psychologically more tough and less selfcentered. Whereas Tendulkar becomes overconscious  while in nineties, Sehwag doesn’t seem to be flustered by this. He doesn’t hesitate to hit six to complete his century- double or triple. Thats why he has two triple centuries to his credit and has the capability and capacity to hit more doubles and triples, and may be even four hundred. Though Tendulkar is more talented to do so. but he lacks the attitude necessary to perform the task.
These views may seem offensive to those who looks at cricket as a display of bookish tips and tricks, but to a clinical observer of the game, it is as good a truth as day and night. Sehwag’s two figure score can be worth Tendulkar’s century. Certainly, Sehwag can take the game away from the opponent not only in terms of runs, but also in terms of psychological edge, And cricket is, to a greater extent,  a game of nerves which Sehwag perhaps understands better than Tendulkar.
Tendulkar desist from playing the shots that has earlier cost him his wicket. But Viru loves to play these shots with more and more perfection and productivity. Therein lies his ownness for which he is waited for by spectators and cricket fans.
Kudos to Viru !

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