Honesty pays !

Honesty pays though it doesn’t seem to. Even if it doesn’t pay in physical terms, it has its own reward – a solace that is not easy to attain and retain in this wicked world of materialism. People may say that honesty-lovers have to languish in this money minded culture, but an honest man leads a dignified life keeping his head always high.

It so happened that I was to go to Shimla from Kumarsain. Getting no bus from the bus sta, I had to walk to Bhrara Kainchi. Suddenly, a white gypsy stopped just before me and the driver offered to take us to Shimla. Two or three other guys also boarded the gypsy, which the driver told, belonged to some government official.
On the way, I was ruminating as to how much money the fellow was going to extort from me. Meanwhile, some two guys got down the vehicle. They did not give any money to the driver nor did the latter ask for. I took it for that the guys might be known to the driver.
later the driver offered to drop us at the DC’s office at shimla. I happily approved the Idea. He dropped us at the DC’s office. While getting down the gypsy, I took out a hundred-rupee note and pushed it towards the driver. To my surprise the fellow said,” Janab, Muzhe haram ke paise de kar paap na karao.” (” Sir. please don’t allure me to commit a sin by offering me unjustified money.”) Hearing this from him, I was overwhelmed and I saluted him in the heart of my heart. He could have easily mustered about Rs 1,000 on that day, but perhaps his soul was alive. I often am reminded of the incident and it fills me with reverence for that driver and I would salute him as many times as I could.
The other day I was taking my kids along with my wife to the hospital. We boarded a bus to Bharara Kainchi and got there down to get another to the hospital. My wife suddenly realised that the small lovely purse she had got for our little daughter Aparajita, was missing. After a brief husband-wife brawl, the matter was forgotten, On one fine morning an unknown fellow tracked us down and told that he had got the purse that, he thought, was Aprajita’s. My little daughter danced gleefully while my faith in honest way of living further got cemented. I had no reason to think against the thinking- Honesty pays!



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2 responses to “Honesty pays !

  1. aarkay

    Yes, Mr. Bali, honesty does pay and is its own reward. We, in Himachal are still lucky in this regard , though some changes , unfortunately , are visible. These two instances quoted by you are enough to make us feel proud . You have rightly chosen the expression ” wicked world of materialism “, may be some day I will post some similar instance . Welcome to the Blogosphere !

  2. वर्ड प्रेस पर आपको पा कर अच्छा लगा! बधाई! मॆं भी शीघ्र ही वर्ड प्रेस पर स्थानातरित हो रहा हूं!

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