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The Time That Was

The time came and passed ! How I not know.
Unnoticed sneaked it away as movement of a cat.
But Memoirs remain and return
As etched they are to my mind.
Indelible they are as the wounds of unrequitted love.
Naieve was the childhood and modest the school.
No hankypanky nursery, no LKG nor the KG,
But straight It was into grade 1st after six.
Brilliant called me my pals, same endorsed the teachers.
Always first I stood but no celebration, no party of today.
Rustic was life, no chocolate, no icecream,
It was only baked cornbread with gurh.
Darned clothes, darned shoes, yet no malice, no worry.
Rains did drench us but no pain, no illness, only play and gay.
Bat Handmade and rags stitched into compact orb,
Thus was cricket with forsaken stump our wickets.
Holiday was the turn to take the cow and bulls to the wood
To return at dusk with the herd retaining the number same.
Such were the days of gaiety and play,
Which I relish to remember and say.



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We, The People of Holindia

We, the people of HolIndia do swear in the name of god that:

We will do all the misdeeds after swearing in the name of god. If possible, we will coerce god in helping us in our misdeeds. If he doesn’t condescend, we will stop having faith in him.

If we happen to be politicians, our foremost efforts will be to accumulate as much as possible wealth  for ourselves and our kins. We will make life hell for honesty lovers and will do our best to denigrate them by awarding them the sarcastic title of ‘Siblings of Harishchandra’. We will do our best to allure them to join our club of corrupted goons  by citing them the examples of people who have flourished by adopting unethical means. If he doesn’t budge, we will not hesitate to eliminate him. We will not feel prick of conscience even if we have to suck the country to the last drop.

We will boast of great forefathers, but will always act in contrivance with the path shown by them. We will appreciate their sacrifices. But in our turn will sacrifice others for own sake and in doing so we will not hesitate to stake the country.

We will love to appreciate Bhagat Singhs if born in the house of neighbours, but won’t love to have one in our house because we believe ‘saints are better dead’. If at all they have to be alive, better to have them so far so near.

If we are at the helm of construction work, we will first carve out our own share. Thereafter, we will eat into the rest of the amount. In doing so, we will not bother about the lives and future of the people and the nation.

If we grab the post of a teacher with the help of some godfather, we will try our best to apply minimum input and get maximum output. For this state’s ‘Maximum’, we will provide our maximum unfair help to the pupils, because after all they are like our sons and daughters when it comes to the examinations or results. Moreover, as parents we will want our ‘Pappu’ pass whatsoever be the modus operandi.

Every day we will pledge to live in cohesion like brothers and sisters. We will boast proudly of our multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-religious identity of the nation. But at times, we will be ready to butcher our brothers and sisters in an effort to satiate our narrow religio-political zingo. Blood be available or not for the patients will not be our worry, but we will feel proud if same blood flows on roads or whatever be the place.

As administrators or heads of any organisation or institution, we will endeavour to ‘look busy while doing nothing’. We will try to appease and favour our sidekicks. ‘Come tomorrow’ will be our motto.We will look for the word ‘impossible’. Even if it doen’t exist, we will definitely add this to have a dictionary of our own. We will believe in the dictum- If  one can do it , let him do it; If none can do it, leave it.

We will find logic in Mahatama Gandhi’s precept of three monkeys if somebody takes cudgels against our apathy and amnesia.

We again swear in the name of god that we will stick like a leech to above mentioned characteristics of ours and will swerve only if  some characteristic of utmost self – interest is to be added, And that too by swearing in the  name of god.


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World Health Day

This tops up the food

Wishing  you all a  sound health on World Health Day !

Eat less, Drink more.

Pick fruit, kick junk.

Clean hands, Shining teeth.

No gluttony, no bulging belly.

Enjoy good health really !


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