The Time That Was

The time came and passed ! How I not know.
Unnoticed sneaked it away as movement of a cat.
But Memoirs remain and return
As etched they are to my mind.
Indelible they are as the wounds of unrequitted love.
Naieve was the childhood and modest the school.
No hankypanky nursery, no LKG nor the KG,
But straight It was into grade 1st after six.
Brilliant called me my pals, same endorsed the teachers.
Always first I stood but no celebration, no party of today.
Rustic was life, no chocolate, no icecream,
It was only baked cornbread with gurh.
Darned clothes, darned shoes, yet no malice, no worry.
Rains did drench us but no pain, no illness, only play and gay.
Bat Handmade and rags stitched into compact orb,
Thus was cricket with forsaken stump our wickets.
Holiday was the turn to take the cow and bulls to the wood
To return at dusk with the herd retaining the number same.
Such were the days of gaiety and play,
Which I relish to remember and say.



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2 responses to “The Time That Was

  1. “Koi lauta dey merey beetey huey din

    Beetey huey din woh mere pyare pal-chhin ”

    What a nostalgia , Bali ji. Hats off!

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