Bye, Bye, World


Away I want to slip into slumber sweet and deep,

With the wings of goddess of sleep

Never to return but ever to fly.


From horizon to horizon will I flaot like a boat,

And swim like a bird in the world infinite,

And unknown to me yet mostly my own.


Soothed will I be from the hurries and worries,

And fret and fury of mundane,

With no askings, no if’s and but’s of officialdom.


Yes, there, there, there far away into eternity,

Aching I am to pluck and scud away.




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2 responses to “Bye, Bye, World

  1. aarkay

    I am reminded of the hindi song- panchhi banu udti phirun mast gagan mein ….. and Shelley’s Skylark . This wish to fly and soar high led to invention of aeroplanes etc. Why pessimism in the last lines ? or is it a desire to be one with the infinite !
    Nice poem Bali ji !

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